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Care instructions


Wash as rarely as possible

Do not use products containing silicone, oil or alcohol. Also avoid products that contain fruit acids.

Wash hair only at the roots, because the tips are usually not greasy and can otherwise dry out.

Never wash hair upside down

Use hair conditioner exclusively for the lengths and tips and keep enough distance from the connection point


Never comb hair when wet

Do not blow dry too hot or upside down

Do not leave joints wet for too long


Do not style above 180°C, otherwise irreparable damage to own hair and extensions may occur


Always tie hair loosely

Do not go to sleep with wet hair


It is recommended 1x a week to give a cure in the lengths and tips of the extensions

Regularly add a high quality hair oil to the lower tips, so that the hair shines beautifully

Comb carefully only with special extension brushes


Ideally, the hair should not be changed in color, as dyeing can attack the hair and the cuticle layer

Bleaching or lighter dyeing should also be avoided

If you should dye nevertheless, then use absolutely high-quality hairdressing color with maximally 3% (H2O2). After dyeing, the hair should be cared for regularly.

IMPORTANT! In case of color changes any warranty claims are void.

With proper handling and care, the high-quality human hair extensions last very long and can be reused several times.


No salt and chlorinated water / tie hair up for protection and possibly additional care in the tips as protection.

Be careful with sunscreen, self-tanner or similar, because these can discolor the hair


Before insertion, the patient's own hair should be washed with a deep cleansing shampoo. Afterwards, no care or styling products should be used and the hair should not be straightened beforehand either

The tapes should always be fixed in the natural hair with tape tongs

After the hair has been applied, it should be left to dry for 48 hours, so it should not be washed or come into contact with water during this period. In addition, you should avoid excessive sports or the like, because the tapes could also loosen due to heavy sweating on the head