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Taperoll Guide

* Durability    1 = lowest durability          10 = strongest durability

  Removal       1 = heaviest removal         10 = lightest removal

Which tape glue is the best ? 

Now you are surely asking yourself "Which tape adhesive should I order and which is the best??" 

This question cannot be answered in general, but we have written down all the important facts to give you a little help in making your decision..


You struggle with adhesive residue in the hair and get the tapes difficult to remove without residue? Then Duo-Pro is the perfect tape adhesive. Duo-Pro combines strong, secure hold with easy removability. Currently, the Duo-Pro is the easiest and fastest tape adhesive in removal.

Lace Front

Lace Front is the bestseller among tape adhesives. It combines strong hold and good removal in one. Those who are unsure are welcome to order the bestseller and see for themselves why so many already love it.

Ultra Hold

If you want a secure hold at all times without slipping, you should definitely try Ultra Hold. This tape adhesive gives you the strongest hold. When removing, be sure to use our remover, so that everything can be removed without residue.